In recent years we have developed our own apprenticeship programme as a logical and effective response to the industry-wide challenge of aging and deskilling of the workforce.

Our Centre of Craft Excellence aims to re-balance the potential skill shortage. We would like to start introducing you to some of our aspiring leaders of the future!

Finally, Daniel Doherty a 20-year-old Project Engineering Apprentice explains why he chose Premier Group.

“I went to Midland Training Group and while I was there I e-mailed Premier because I had heard they were a good company to work for and also that they were very successful. I had an interview at Premier and then came back for a second one. When I was told I was going to be accepted for an apprenticeship, I couldn’t believe my luck!

“Starting in September 2014 I spent six months at a Training Centre to learn basic skills and in March 2015 I moved to Premier full time. I began as a sheet metal worker and after a year the company moved me into the design office and I’ve been there ever since”, he concludes.

Daniel’s mentor at Premier Group suggested he follow a route into university and he is currently studying part time for a BSc in Engineering, which is sponsored by the company. He is still working full time at Premier, thus earning money whilst studying.

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