How about this for creativity! Our team at Walsgrave have designed and manufactured a bespoke Louvre tool which is being held in a press brake, customised to hold the tool.

Creactive Design commissioned us to fabricate 10,000 sets of louvre doors on behalf of Network Rail. Fred Butler, Operations Manager at our Walsgrave Manufacturing facility was keen to relieve capacity by improving efficiencies.

“I sat with Nichola, one of the engineers, and our tool designer, Bill Byrne, and the idea was formed of generating one tool capable of forming all Louvres in one stroke.” At the outset of the project it took 19 minutes and 3 men to fold 17 louvres, this was reduced to just 30 seconds. There was an incredible 70% increase in our available capacity, as well as significantly reducing the amount of handling, therefore cosmetic quality of parts improved greatly as well.”

Another great example of how a turnkey production manufacturer, like Premier Group, needs to operate to stay ahead of the competition – well done Walsgrave!