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The publication recently posted an article on the success our apprenticeship programme, developed as a logical and effective response to industry-wide challenges of workforce ageing and deskilling.

Our various departments at Premier Group, including Niche Vehicle Production, are all reaping the benefits of new and increasingly skilled employees.

“We started by taking in apprentices from colleges, but we found they weren’t being given appropriate technical knowledge that would suit our production environment”, explained Pete Smith, Business Development Director. “So now our apprenticeship scheme is structured to provide the apprentices with all the technical knowledge they need so that they can hit the ground running.

“All apprentices work and learn on a job-rotation system. This means that they spend time in the press shop, the sheet metal shop and they learn CAD basics in our design office. Thus they get an all-round understanding of the whole business. When they finally join their department of choice, they already have the bigger picture and understand the reasons why we have to do things in a certain way”, he concluded.

For more information on our apprenticeship programme, The Centre of Craft Excellence, please click here.

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