Premier Group’s constant quest is to offer customers the very best precision engineering and manufacturing solutions. To this end we need to continually invest in the skillset of our talented workforce. To meet these demands for the future we have launched the Premier Group Centre of Craft Excellence apprenticeships.

We’ve just completed our 1st Ofsted audit and hope to receive a ‘centre of excellence’ award in Jan 2017!

A detailed assessment was recently conducted by Premier Group, analysing and recording the average age of skilled crafts persons within the Midlands. It was found that the average age of a sheet metal worker was 54-56, concluding that traditional, artisan skills will be non-existent within approximately 10 years.

One of the key objectives of the Centre of Craft Excellence is to reduce the average age of these skilled workforce members to 35. What better way to start this quest than work on our current intake of 22 apprentices!